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Planning a Trip to Islay=AH! So hard! May 9, 2012

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I find that planning a trip to Scotland, especially with 6 weeks of prep is a stupid idea. In addition, whisky enthusiasts are hardcore and they book places 6 months, if not a year in advance. On the lighter side, I found that joining different groups in LinkedIn is really helpful and people from various industries from all over the world provide excellent advice. Here are some responses that I thought were funny/helpful/painfully realistic:

From Mr. Baumgart in Kirkcaldy, UK: Just remember Caroline’s warning about accommodation, because if you haven’t booked a room yet, you will be in trouble.

From Matt S. of Leicester, UK: There’s always plenty of room to pitch your tent on big strand – just mind the golfers and Prince Charles if he’s making a ‘flying’ visit to Laphroaig.

From Andrew H. in Kirkicaldy, UK: As there are so many foreign visitors in cars on the island, hitch hiking is really easy…as everyone is heading to one distillery or another. This also means you don’t have to worry about who the designated driver is…and who has to stay sober…enjoy