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About November 5, 2011

About 2-3 times per month, I sit in traffic and roll all the way up to downtown Los Angeles, so I can get my dram of whisky at Seven Grand.  I belong to their whisky society (don’t worry, it’s not high-faluten or a snobby group. People are very sweet and down-to-earth there).   I’ve had the privilege to meet a plethora of wonderful people in this industry–fantastic human beings who work as brand ambassadors, master distillers, proprietors, mixologists, bar backs, etc.  The staff at Seven Grand are absolutely wonderful and Pedro, the co-curator at Seven Grand, is the COOLEST.

Here’s a clip of the Seven Grand Whiskey Society from Carson Daily.  His crew filmed this during the Kilchoman tasting event:

Seven Grand Whiskey Society



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  1. Cambria Says:

    I looooved your doodles from your visit to Golden Road Brewing. Please email me — I’d love to chat!

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