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Laphroaig: Whisky Tasting at Seven Grand with Master Ambassador Simon Brooking! March 24, 2012

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Through my grand adventures of attending drinking events, I’ve had the privilege to meet 3 absolutely adorable Scottish men. I’m a huge fan of the following Brand Ambassadors:  Martin Daraz for Highland Park, Simon Brooking for Laphroaig, and Johnnie Mundell for Glenrothes and Bowmore. I’ve concluded that their infectious charm is beyond their Scottish accents; it’s really encoded into the Scottish gene!!!

Since this portion is about Laphroaig, I will concentrate on documenting notes about my meeting with Mr. Brooking.  Before we drank, he would toast to us and sing a classic, Celtic tune!  I felt really lucky that he enjoyed my little doodle of the distillery.  Mr. Brooking showed my doodles to Jim Piser, who is one of the manager for Beam Global, and they both pointed out historical details about the distillery.  Jim pointed a section of my drawing and stated, “I’ve walked on these steps before!”  I’m hoping that I will be able to see this distillery in person soon.  If you enjoy smoky, peated whisky, then this is a great brand to explore!   Personally, I love all types of peated-style whiskies!!!  One more thing, I learned that this is Prince Charles’ favorite whisky, so on each bottle there’s the royal stamp of approval of Prince Charles’ crown!


Ardbeg: Tasting at Seven Grand with Dr. Bill Lumpsden, Master Distiller from Ardbeg and Glenmorangie March 11, 2012

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