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Bar Smarts: Getting to Know the Spirits March 24, 2012

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FYI, Bar Smarts, is a fantastic program that you can sign up on-line to learn about spirits.  Here is the link: Bar Smarts  The people who run this program are truly talented folks who have elevated the art of crafted cocktails and spirits industry as a whole.  I admire Dr. David Wondrich, one of the mentors in this program, who has written books like, Imbibe and Punch.  He travels all over the world to research original cocktail recipes.  A few months ago, Dr. Wondrich found to what appeared to be the original recipe to the Singapore Sling.  In addition, Dale Degroff, another spirit guru from the Bar Smarts program, is responsible for reviving cocktails, urging people to use fresh ingredients to hi-lite a spirit as opposed to masking it with crappy, artificial ingredients.  I hope you take the time to explore this program or read Dr. Wondrich’s works!









Tequila and Mezcal

Tequila and Mezcal







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