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Dewar’s Tasting Event at Jim Henson’s Studios April 14, 2012

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It took about 3 hours to get up to LA on a Saturday night to meet with my fellow Seven Grand Society pals.  We all got to the Jim Henson’s together, and the food was fantastic.  I personally enjoyed hanging out with my friends and trying the appetizers more than the various expression of Dewar’s.   The production to this event was nice, though.  They had test tubes filled with different ingredients in each vile that ranged from peat, lavender to honey.   Although Dewar’s isn’t my cup of tea, I most definitely value the company’s and brand ambassador’s time to create this event for all of us.  I think this product is great for sippers who enjoy something light and tame.  There isn’t much development here, in terms of flavour, but its 1-dimensional (not a bad thing) profile is consistent.  


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